Judges & Top 3 WACers (Photo : Coconut Lunell)


Well, what a cracking event the 2011 WACs were. Unlike the other cumbersome World championship events, the WACs were fast, fun and politics free. The atmosphere this year was as good as in London, even without the foot traffic of the World Barista Championships. A great line-up of competitors from all over the World this year, including far away places like Japan, Australia, Russia, USA, Sweden, Poland, Ireland and a local from Italy. Well done competitors and thank you for making such a great effort!

Jeff Verellen is this year’s World Aeropress Champion. He is now a seasoned competitor having placing 3rd in last year’s WACs and wisely used Team Sausage and the Belgium Aeropress Champion Charline Debuysere and Rob Bergmans for assistance and inspiration in devising a method for success. Congratulations Jeff!

Big thanks to Alan Adler and Alex Tennant of Aerobie – once again you have supported this great event with Aeropress’ and blessings. Thanks again!

This year we also had graphic design on our side in the form of Brian W. Jones, who orchestrated the awesome WAC t-shirts. Thanks for your skills and time Brian.

We had some talent in the judging panel this year in the form of the wonderful David Walsh and the charming Lynsey Harley. Tim Varney helped out a bit too.

Finally, without David Walsh and Paul Stack’s foresight and enthusiasm for the WACS they never would have taken place. A massive thank you to Marco & Uber and their staff for helping with organisation and allowing their space at HOST to be highjacked by the WACs. I see a future relationship forming here.

See you in 2012…