World Champion’s Method…

Jeff Verellen (centre) & Team Sausage

Here is Jeff Verellen’s World Champion quality Aeropress method & coffee.

The Kenyan used by Jeff was Thunguri, a wet mill located in Nyeri. Very round complete mouthfeel packed with red currants, red grapes, and Gentse neuzen (a Belgian orange blossom candy).

The Technique, or rather a compilation of the best of:

Credit goes to the Belgian Aeropress Champion Charline Debuysere and Rob Bergmans for inspiration. He noticed this coffee preformed very well on pour-over, kalita metal filter and V60 so he based the technique on that principle.

-Put the paper filter in the filterholder, wet it with hot water, let it expand and refit it.

-Screw it very tightly into a clean preferably pre-heated Aeropress

-Measure out 17 grams of coffee (well, specifically this Kenya…) and grind coarsely, bit courser than paper filter at the very last moment.

-Put the Aeropress non-inverted on the recipient.

-Measure 270 grams of soft mineral water or filtered water and bring it to 80c.

-Splash a bit of the water on the filter and directly after throw in the freshly ground coffee, as to allow the bottom to wet and expand a bit.

-Directly after wet the coffee by dripping or pouring very slowly all the grounds, about 40 grams

-After the coffee has absorbed the water, after about 30 seconds, start very slowly pouring the rest of the water, try to re-wet the coffee fully again, see that the grounds do not separate from the water, this can be done using a good kettle with small nozzle.

-Let the Aeropress steep and drip for about 1/4 way through or 1 minute.

-Press about 1/2 of the rest of the water through with the piston very gently.

-Remove the press and the what is left – about 50 grams of water and throw away.