The competition is now drawing close. The final competitors list is complete, pending a couple of national competitions. There is one Wildcard entry, which will be left open until the day of competition. Thanks to all who have hosted national and regional competitions, and congratulations to all the winners.

We’ve been forced to make a change to the coffee used for the competition. Due to delayed shipments of green from Ethiopia, Nordic Approach have been unable to supply the coffee for the competition. Thankfully, the wonderful Willie Yliluoma from Heart Roasters in Portland has agreed to supply the coffee for the competition. It’s a fresh crop washed Sidamo from the Borenza Zone, picked in October 2011.

It is important for the competitors to email WAC Headquarters with their shipping address to ensure they get the coffee before the competition. Coffee will also be available before the event at Heart or at the La Marzocco/Marco stand at the Specialty Coffee Association of America Expo.

More information is to come, but for now get ‘pressing…