I’m proud to pass on the official announcement of the 2013 United States AeroPress Championship!

The competition will be held on the SCAA Expo showfloor at the Bunn booth, #553, on Friday, April 12th. Competition starts at 1:30 P.M.

Competitor Registration begins March 5th. No fee. Spots available for each region.  First come first serve. It is recommended that all competitors have a valid passport.

There will be 18 competitors competing in head to head heats of three. In the semi-final round, a second place in the heat will be chosen to compete for third and fourth place in the competition.

The rules this year are the same at last. However, this year the competitor uses his/her coffee straight through to the finals. The is one condition though. The coffee must be a Colombia (preferably in season).

This year we want people to get creative.  In addition to the top three spots, proud to presenting a Most Innovative Method Award.  Two judges will be observing the competitors and handing out the award at the end. The more out there, the better your chances of winning.  However, the competitor must successfully present coffee to the judges to qualify for the prize. Innovative but unsuccessful brews are still unsuccessful.

Amazingly, the winner will be flown to Melbourne to compete in the WACs in May.
Prizes also include stuff from: Aerobie, Baratza, Barista Magazine, Able Brewing, and Espresso Parts.

More information can be found here :