2014 Belgian AeroPress Champion

17.5g / 82℃/76℃ /  270g 

Picking: unripes, too big, too small, ears.
Sieving: using sowden softbrew filter, banging and shaking it to get rid if the superfines. You can also lose some of the chaff this way. EK43 grind 8
30 second soft bloom, at 82c, wet all the grounds nice and even, shake lightly around if not arounds 40gr water (Spa Blue Mineral Water, soft 33 dry rest mineral water, ph 6.6)
1 minute extremely slow pour, 230gr water, at 76c 30 second soft plunge.
Extra Rimini beach version: plunge in a superchilled container, on ice if possible.
Leave enough slurry in the aeropress, about 50gr.
With this coffee I originally had my recipe at 86 bloom/ 82 pour. We calculated with the weather, humidity and bean temp before grinding that shaving 5c degrees would correct the extraction. In retrospect, even lower was better.