Aeropress SM 2014_Juliste
The 2014 Finnish Aeropress Championships will be held on Saturday 17th of May from 5 PM onwards!

From the FAC headquarters :

This epic championship and party will take place in Burton Store Helsinki in Sörnäinen and will have plenty of space for you to bounce with your friend and the Aeropress with the tunes on Paska Sohva DJ’s, known from Basso Radio. Skates and bikes are heartedly welcome.

The competition coffee will be provided from a secret Finnish coffee roastery but you may drink coffee roasted by Kaffa Roastery and brewed by Good Life Coffee crew. Alongside the coffee you can hydrate yourself with beer and taste some delightful snacks made by MAT catering.

In the judging team stands the Finnish all time champion and Good Life Coffee owner Lauri Pipinen, MAT Catering owner and cook Anna Sörensson and Michael Akins who roasts and hustles at Kaffa Roastery.

The event is free for everyone and the organiser advises not miss this party!

The Finnish champion will be flown to Rimini, Italy to defend Wille’s silver from last year and compete in the World Champs on Monday 9th of June.

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