We had 3 wonderful finalists among a talented 18 other competitors who gave great efforts to compete in Friday night’s Australian Aeropress Championships. It seems the approach to the Aeropress is ever evolving. Tighter and more focussed techniques are shining and the results are showing. The cup quality was exceptional, and Small Batch’s Chele’lektu was shinning. Here are the top 3 techniques :


1st place : Dylan Johnson (Paramount Coffee Project, Sydney)

13.4g coffee / 200g water @95c / 2.30min

Sort and sieve coffee
Non-inverted aeropress
Dose coffee
Add 50g of water, stir gently to wet coffee
@30sec add 50g of water, stir well
@1min add 100g of water, stir well
Insert plunger
Plunge from 1.30 to 2.30

2nd place : Eva Shao (Cup Coffee, Brisbane
14.5g coffee / 220g water @ 85c / 3.00min
Preheat inverted aeropress
Select beans.14.5g course grind
Remove chuff stuck on the side of collector, and also with a puffer
Slowly pour 220g of 85degree water in 30sec period
At 45 sec dip/break and clean like cupping
Place rinsed 5x5cm square filter paper and able fine metal filter on cap
Cap, remove air then flip at 1:45
Slowly press out 200ml from 2:00 to 3:00
Light stir, allow brew to settle a bit, then slow pour to serve


3rd place : Sean McManus (Single Origin Roasters, Sydney)
13g coffee / 200g water @ 85c / 1.45min
Method :
Grind 18g delicious filter coffee (wipe out any visible husk)
Micro sift for 60 seconds
Bolder sift till your left with 13g’s of pretty much “near f’ing perfect” ground coffee
Wrap your sexy AEROPRESS in your favourite “comical” stubby cooler now known as your aeropress warmer.
Pour boiling water in your inverted aeropress and leave for at least 2min
Rinse filter
Coffee in
85 deg water (200g) in
Agitate while pouring for 20seconds
Compress  brew to surface
Screw base
1min flip
3 light swirls
25second extraction (gentle push down)
Stop as soon as see grounds
Celebrate your efforts by introducing a beer to your face