1st. Shuichi Sasaki (Paul Bassett Coffee) – 2014 Japanese Aeropress Champion

2nd. Martin Karabiňoš (Dublin Cafe) – 2014 Slovakian Aeropress Champion

3rd. Jeff Verellen (CaffeNation) – 2014 Belgium Aeropress Champion


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Huge thank you to everyone who travelled across the globe to either compete or witness the madness of the WACs, on the beach mind you. An incredibly impressive effort from the 3 judges, Tim Wendelboe, James Hoffmann and Tim Styles who cupped through 13 rounds of coffees in sweltering heat. Massive thank you to the people who supported the competition with equipment : Marco supplied boilers and an Uber grinder, Mahlkönig donated an EK43, Brita with perfectly formed water, Bonavita donated kettles and scales for competing with and a prizes, KeepCup for supplying the competition cups. Extra special thank you to the fine folks at CafeImports who had the difficult task of shipping coffee to 27 different countries with their lovely from Perla Chiquita. All these beautiful photos were taken by Luca Rossetti. Thanks also to Jordan as DJ Sprudge who managed to warm the place even further with his epic selection of Italo disco jams…

And of course, La Marzocco, practically family to me now. Marta, Eliana, Enrico, Guido, Chris & co. You are amazing. Thanks again!

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Recipes soon…