PAC 2015 final version

An incredible 56 people will compete for the 2015 Polish Aeropress Championships on the 12th February, 2015. Amazingly, there will be 2 separate competitions, with 2 separate teams of judges, which will converge for the finals.
Date: 12 Feb 2015, 11:00
Venue: Klub Komediowy, ul. Nowowiejska 1, Warsaw
Host by: Forum Coffee
Sponsor: FreeHand Coffee Roasters
Coffee: Koppi, Sweden
Coffee Desk
Victor Frankowski
Rob Dunne
Mikołaj Panasik
Jeff Verellen
Simon Bunne
Anne Lunnel (tbc)
Charles Nystrand
Ralf Ruller (tbc)
Registration is open on Sunday 25th, 11:00, and will be closed when 56 will correctly insert: name, surname, city, work place and email address.
Competitors must be 18 years old, have Polish nationality or working in Poland for 1 year prior competition time.
Travel tickets and accommodation for winner!
Webblog for competition: