Aeropress plakát-kisebb
KávéBár Bazár will be hosting the Hungarian AeroPress Championship on 21st February.
Date: 21st February  2015.  10:00 am– 18:00 pm

Location: Hotel Corinthia, Budapest – Conference Center, Erzsébet krt. 43-49, 1074 Budapest

Coffee: Lucky Cap Kenya Kegwa AA Plus

Registration: Everybody is invited to the championship as a competitor or visitor. Competitors can take part at the event by accepting the regulations and paying the entry-fee. Application form is available:

Visitors can also join the event by buying visitor ticket.

Prize: The first prize winner will participate in the World AeroPress Championship at Seattle in April 2015

Accompany events:

The KávéBár Bazár is a two-day event on 21-22nd February. The event will include National AeroPress Championship on 21st February, and  the National Cocktail and Flair Championship also. National Sommelier Championship will be held on 22nd February, is also a part of the program. Visitors will also have the opportunity to taste world famous coffees, special drinks and Hungarian wines at the organized tasting held by the exhibitors and partners at the stands during the event.

The consumption of coffee, alcoholic beverages and mixed drinks will be free of cost for the visitors who will also be able to taste promotional products of different gastro-exhibitors. Several confectioneries will be presenting their articles at the event, and according to the plans a premium category „gastro-spot” as well as delicacy stand and a „bar kitchen” should also be at the visitors service.


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