Lock up your cevzes, we’re go in Istanbul!


On March 15th at 4pm the majestic doors of Soho House Istanbul will swing open, allowing access for Aeropress adorers of East and West and permitting them to unite in their love of injection-moulded coffee brewers.

According to Google Translate;

“Coffee Norman is one of the first 3 contestants who Able metal filter, jealousy and envy gaze on the groom’s sister-in-law…”

I can’t vouch for that personally, but I’m confident the day will be a humdinging good time, with the local ockabasis filling up for lamb beyti and cop sis at the close of festivities.

In the native tongue:

Yarışma hakkında ayrıntılı bilgi için tıklayın
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Sponsorlar: Soho House İstanbul, Mira Gıda, Piknik İstanbul, Marco ve Mahlkönig, EverPure, Probador Colectiva, Norm Coffee
ÖDÜLLER: Mira Gıda’dan birinciye Dünya Şampiyonası için Seatle’a gidiş dönüş uçak bileti ve konaklama Mira Gıda’dan ilk 3’e giren yarışmacılara birer tane Aeropress, Mahlkönig’den ilk 3’e giren yarışmacılara birer tane Mahlkönig Vario-W değirmen, Probador Colectiva’dan finallere kalan 6 yarışmacıya 250 gr’lık yarışma kahvesi, Norm Coffee’den ilk 3’e giren yarışmacılara birer tane able metal filtre, Damadın eltisinden haset ve gıpta dolu bakışlar..

Organiser and Judge Çağatay Gülabioğlu had this to say on the striking, acid-trip, Alice in Wonderland poster:

It is reference to the interaction between the Galata Tower, which is a dinstictive symbol of İstanbul portreyed as an Aeropress (as we all know a hip and modern day equipment for coffee) and Turkish coffee pot (or cezve which is one of the oldest known tool-techniques of coffee brewing)..They are celebrating the long awaited meeting of east and west.

Entry for competitors costs 50TL, and there’s both a staggering amount of information and a ticket purchasing application process I can’t understand online:


Don’t miss the chance to straddle the continents of glory and success (as well as Europe and Asia) by either attending, participating in or winning the 2015 Turkish Aeropress Championship.


2015 Turkish Aeropress Championship
March 15th, 4:00pm
Soho House, Istanbul