Results are in from Scotland, where something like 250 coffee loving Scots gathered to crown a champion. Hosts Dear Green Coffee Roasters have this fantastic gallery on FaceBook, while we have the winners and their recipes below:


1st Place – Claire Wallace
Barista, Machina Espresso, Edinburgh

  • 17g coffee, fine filter grind, add 40g water,
  • pre infuse for 30 seconds, stir three times,
  • immediately add 180g water,
  • stir three times @ 1 minute.
  • Long, slow 50 second pour to finish @ 2 minutes.
  • Top up final beverage with 20g water!


2nd Place – Bryan Serwatka
Head of Drinks, Riverhill

  • 15.7g of coffee ground medium fine – slightly coarser than espresso
  • Add 6g splash of cold water to inverted Aeropress, then add coffee
  • Add 60g of 86°C water, stir 4 times, bloom for 1:05
  • Stir once, add 155g water @ 75-78°C – leave until 2:00 mark
  • Stir once, invert, slowly plunge into cooled vessel until 2:50 mark, leaving around 15-25g in the Aeropress


3rd Place – Dean Fairbairn
Barista, Cult Espresso, Edinburgh

  • 17.5 grams coffee
  • 260 grams of water at 76 degrees
  • flush paper
  • steam grind to loosen solubles
  • fill, no bloom
  • slow 1 minute extraction