The Dutch Aeropress Championship was a blast. We at Coffeecompany had the privilege to be organizing the event for the second time this year. About 150 people showed up which makes it one of the most important coffee competitions in the Netherlands. Especially the grass roots atmosphere and community aspect just makes it a great party to attend.

There were beers from local brewery De Prael and pizza’s from Margherita Tutta La Vita. Gabriel Dunn (from green importer Cafe Imports), Yoeri Joosten (Dutch Cup Tasters Champion & working for Boot Coffee) and Sofie Nys (Quality control at green importer 32cup) were judging, with Jasper Uhlenbusch (green buyer & brand manager at Coffeecompany) as head judge. Coffee used was a washed coffee from Colombia named El Mango, roasted by Coffeecompany.

24 baristas this year, from all over the Netherlands competed on stage for a ticket to the WAC’s in Seattle. After a qualification round, eight competitors remained for the quarter finals and four ended up in the semifinals: Edward Beumer (Trakteren, Amsterdam), Mieke Boden (Crusio, Bergen op Zoom) and Floris van der Burg & Francesco Graccoti (both working at White Label Coffee, Amsterdam). Francesco took home the bronze aeropress, Mieke won the 2nd place and Floris won the 2015 Dutch Aeropress Championship.

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