This year’s Czech Aeropress competition was held in Café Louvre.one of the oldest Café in Prague.
Competition welcomed 47 participants from the Czech Republic and also from Slovakia.
Each Competitor has preparation time to adjust his recipe before each round, because we were using different coffee for each round. For first round it was dark roasted Peruvian coffee from Italian roastery Le Piantagioni del Caffe. For second round it was Colombia Cafesur #4 roasted by Kavárna Pražírna. And for last round and final it was Burundi Kayanza Matongo Kyniovu from roastery La Boheme Cafe.

Competitors who found the best recipes for all of these coffees were Jiri Sládek from Prague’s BrewBar followed by Robert Palik from Banská Bystrica’s Leroy Bar & Café and Viktor Stefancik from Prešov’s NICO CAFFÉ.

The winner received flight ticket to the World Aeropress Competition and second in the standings earned Vario-W grinder from Mahlkoenig sponsor.

All photos are from www.europeancoffeetrip.com.

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