Sunday March 15th Austria arranged the 2nd National AeroPress Championship, this time in Vienna, in the awesome Ottakringer Brewery, known by most people from the great WBC 2012 Barista After Party. Arranged by Nikolaus Hartmann (Süssmund Roaster in Vienna), Klaus Triffich (poster designer and 2014 austrian Cuptasting Champion from Salzburg), Michael Manhart (trophy designer from Salzburg) and John Arild Stubberud (Kaffee-Alchemie in Salzburg).

The event was sponsored by:

24 competitors signed up within hours and Johanna Wechselberger from Vienna School of Coffee / Die Rösterin sponsored a splendid Cup of Excellence Costa Rica coffee for the competition, and this was distributed to the competitors.



Ottakringer Brewery opened up their very nice ‘Goldfassl’ room for us, and next to the busy bar serving beer, booths served espresso drinks and a full brew bar. Felix Teiretzbacher from Felix Kaffee in St. Pölten is Austrias Coffee Scene’s Emcee, and he said ‘yes’ to moderate the event.

Judges were

  • Björn Dietrich from Hamburg
  • Storm C Lunde from Oslo
  • Johanna Wechselberger from Vienna
  • John Arild Stubberud as Head Judge

Beer and coffee was enjoyed (the Kaffee-Alchemie girls Victoria and Bianca prepared Irish Coffees), and everyone seemed to have a ball.

AeroPressAustria2015-15 AeroPressAustria2015-16

19 year old Chantal Schlacher from Viennas ‘Kaffemik’ coffeeshop took home the trophy and is heading to Seattle to compete April 9th.

Her Winning Recipe:

  • Two AeroPress on top of each other (funnel inbetween), the upper with metal filter, the lower with paper filter
  • 20 grams coffee, coarse grind
  • 250 ml Water 89°C
  • 30 seconds pour
  • 30 seconds brew
  • 30 seconds plunge brew through metal filter
  • remove top AeroPress
  • 30 seconds press through paper filter

2nd Place Winner Philip Feyers recipe:

  • Inverted Method
  • 18,5 grams coffee
  • 240 grams Water, 86°C
  • Pour 50 grams, let bloom 30 seconds
  • Stir gently three times
  • Pour remaining 190 grams of Water until 1 minute
  • Turn around (invert) and plunge slowly for 45 seconds
  • Pour back and forth between two flasks four times to cool down