The 2015 United States AeroPress Championship hosted by Underline Coffee at 511 W 20th Street in New York, NY on Sunday March 29th at 6:00PM. Coffee professionals and enthusiasts battled it out to determine the best U. S. AeroPresser. Sweet USAC teaser poster by the SPRUDGE massive.

Aerobie will fly the winner to Seattle, WA to represent the US in the 2015 World AeroPress Championship held at WithinSodo on Thursday April 9th at 6:00PM.

The Sponsors, Counter Culture Coffee, Aerobie, Baratza , Bona Vita , Monarch Methods , City Cakes , Hario , and host Underline Coffee all worked to pull the event off.

Brandon Tully of Underline Coffee Emceed.

The judges: Cora Lambert (Box Kite), Deaton Pigot (Toby’s Estate Brooklyn), Erin McCarthy (Counter Culture Coffee) and Teresa von Fuchs (Irving Farm) all worked tirelessly (if a little overly caffeinated) through the night to determine the winners.

And the winners and their recipes are:

USA results