This amazingly ‘Wheel of Fortune’ style spinning wheel will give you the chance to judge a round at the 2015 World AeroPress Championships if you land on ‘Lucky You’. A randomly selected spectator will have a ‘Price is Right; Come on down!’ moment to join the MCs on stage to spin the wheel 3 times to select the 3 judges for each round. If you land on ‘Coffee Time’, you’ll get a very special swag of WAC goodies!

Spinning the wheel isn’t your only chance to pick up the official WAC merchandise, thankfully. Manning the Merch Desk will be David Salinas of Department of Brewology, who created the exhaustively laboured over and staggeringly awesome artwork of the WAC poster. We’ll be stocking just 75 A1-sized prints on 100lb speckletone white French paper, and it’s strictly first in, best dressed. Thirty-five dollars, please.


There are totes, t-shirts and the uber exclusive WAC comp coffee.  It’s an incredible coffee – an SL28 variety selection, grown and produced by Don Carlos of La Perla del Cafe in Costa Rica, and donated by our esteemed coffee partners, Cafe Imports. Don Carlos was the first to get  SL28 seeds into Costa Rica and gave them away selflessly to his fellow producers to help everyone improve their coffee quality. Roasted by the fine folk of Elm Coffee Roasters here in Seattle. It’s bloody yum.

And once again, the incredibly popular Aerobie Flying Discs will be flying about…


Make sure you bring cash for the sweet, sweet merch! And make sure you have a ticket, because without a ticket you’ll be forced to go to one of the other lesser fun parties…