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A number of weeks have passed since the highly successful 2015 WACs in Seattle, and time has been spent reflecting on the 2015 World AeroPress Championship circuit. Our attention is now on the national competitions for the 2016 season.

There was such an incredible response from the 35 nations who hosted regional and national competitions across the globe. We had some new countries come on board; it was Mexico’s first go at running a competition and by all reports, they did a cracking job. New Zealand put together an incredibly professional event in a small coastal town with competitors flying/driving in from other major cities. Poland hosted an unbelievable 72 competitors and in Australia and the UK multiple regional competitions were held.

All the events delivered great returns for hosts, sponsors and supporters with many national organisers hosting their 2nd or 3rd competition. There is real value for them, and with increasing attention from mainstream and social media, the value of hosting and supporting in only increasing. The atmosphere of the competitions meant spectators had fun watching and cheering along, and the inclusive, accessible format of the competition meant competitors had fun and were rewarded with flights across the globe for getting involved.

For the 2016 season we are looking into a few rule changes, and there will be more on that in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, start thinking about hosting your own regional or national competition. There is now a fairly light vetting process to ensure the right people are hosting the competition and that the essence of the event is held in tact. Register your interest in hosting a competition via this page – and if there are any people/companies/philanthropists wishing to get involved, don’t hesitate to contact us at WAC headquarters.