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This’ll sort of be a dress rehearsal for the World AeroPress Championships in June. Important data on the partying habits of the Irish will be transmitted to the WAC headquarters for appraisal – from here, we’ll know just how much “party supplies” will be required. Then we’ll double the order.

We love that The Barn’s Ralf Rueller will be joined by Ireland’s finest – a barista champion and a former AeroPress champion. Ralf is a tough cookie to impress, so get practising Ireland. We’ve also heard a 15 year old has signed up to compete, so we might see our youngest ever champion!

Competition: Ireland
Hosted By: First Draft Coffee
Where: The Fumbally
Fumbally Lane,
When: 6:30pm, Thursday 14 April 2016
Competitors: 24
Cost: €25
Entry: https://goo.gl/l2FDU6
Sponsors: First Draft Coffee
Made by Knock Grinders
Standart Magazine
The Barn
Judges: Ralf Rueller
Irish Barista Champion (TBC)
Irish AeroPress Champion (TBC)
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