Get a load of this poster, will you?!

There a far too many Star Wars puns and references dashing through our heads at the rebel AeroPress base here on Dantooine. Antalóczy ” Wookie” György, Török “Red 5 standing by” Ádám and Tóth “Hoth” Gábor are the three imperial judges for the event.

Fast circulating rumours, perhaps with the assistance of a HyperDrive, are suggesting the coffee has been sourced by coffee’s home planet of Alderaan. Unfortunately these rumours have been denied by Ewoks on the forrest moon of Endor who have hand-picked all the rainforest alliance coffee. The variety of the coffee is mostly heirloom, sometimes also know as Degu(bah) and is famous for having very high midi-chorian levels, but low caffeine.  The coffee was fermented and de-pulped in the now re-purposed garbage disposal units on the detention level of the Death Star. That’s enough lame Star Wars references for now i think…


Competition: Hungary
Hosted By: Reflexshop Kft.
Where: Marionett Craft Beer Bar Vigadó tér 1.
Budapest 1052

When: 2pm, Saturday 2 April 2016
Competitors: 45
Cost: HUF 3000
Entry: Google Form
Sponsors: Reflexshop
Egyesület a Magyar Kávékultúráért
Black Sheep Micro Roastery
Lucky Cap Micro Roastery
Beyond Within Coffee Roasters
Able Brewing
Judges:  Antalóczy György
Török Ádám
Tóth Gábor
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