Need a break from all the primary madness, New York? Had enough of the mess made by Spilary Clinton? Throat sore from shouting abuse at Donald Drumpf? Flabbergasted at why Bernie Sanders doesn’t have better results? We certainly are over here at WAC Headquarters.

Pretend you’re living in a progressive Scandinavian country for a moment and come down to Variety Coffee Roasters and redirect your thunderous applause or protesting skills toward the 36 competitors of the East Coast Regional. The top 3 place getters will automatically get a spot to compete in the USACs to be held in Atlanta on the 14th April.


Competition: US East Coast Regional
Hosted By: Variety Coffee Roasters
Where: 146 Wyckoff Avenue 
Brooklyn, New York 11237
United States

When: 7pm, Thursday 17 March 2016
Competitors: 36
Cost: USD 10
Entry: Eventbrite
Sponsors: La Marzocco
Everyman Espresso
Three Kings Tattoo
Judges:  Sam Penix
Carlos J. Morales
Kat Odell
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