The Russian Aeropress Championship is here for it’s second time and will be hosted by Sweet Beans Coffee at the Russian Barista Days event in Moscow on 3rd of March 2016. Russian Barista Days also hosts the finals of lesser competition; the Russian Barista Championship too.

24 competitors will be fighting for a ticket to World Aeropress Championship in Dublin. 24 awesome Aeropress recipes. All last year winners will be competing to defend theirs titles. Competitors are to use the same coffee. It’s a gorgeous Kenya Gachatha AA, sourced via Melanie Leeson of CCS, roasted by Sweet Beans.

The poster designers – Stas Smirnov and Maria Voinilenko of Setter’s Brew Bar – have hand drawn the cracking poster. It pictures the Monument to Minin and Pozharsky enjoying a take away cafe latte and a competition caliber AeroPress brew in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in the Red Square, Moscow.


Competition: Russia
Hosted By: Sweet Beans
Where: Exhibition and Convention centre “Sokolniki”Pavilion № 2
Russian Coffee & Tea Industry Event

Moscow 1111

When: 2:00pm, Sunday 6 March 2016
Competitors: 24
Cost: RUB 1000
Sponsors: Sweet Beans Coffee
Donuts&Coffee- coffee shops
Russian Barista Days Event
Gourmet Style
Judges:  Judge 1Arkadiy Klimanov / Sweet Beans Coffee
Olga Melik-Karakozova / Smart Roaster
Nikolay Yalanskiy / Bolshe Kofe
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