Guido Bernardinelli presents Shuichi Sasaki the 2014 World AeroPress Championship trophy – that’s Enrico (far right) getting in on the action, topless.

Ever since the 2012 World AeroPress Championship in Portland, La Marzocco have been a key and generous supporter of the WACs. Their undisputed highlight moment was the incredible beach-side, sun-drenched 2014 WACs in Rimini. It was without question the most unique, enjoyable and fun coffee competition ever to have occurred. For some though, La Marzocco sponsoring the World AeroPress Championship is a little perplexing. So we decided to get to the bottom of it by asking the amazing team at La Marzocco the question: Why the hell would La Marzocco sponsor an AeroPress competition?

The La Marzocco team, sorry family, is a panoply of coffee professionals and who better to start with than the amazing person behind the entire event in Rimini, Marta Kokosar.

Marta Kokosar
Marta Kokosar, Alliance Marketing Manager & Director of Academia at La Marzocco

“For me, it’s the three Cs: Coffee, Community and Coolness! My background is in the music business and what surprised me most when I bumped into La Marzocco and first came in touch with the coffee scene, is that I found cool people connected through a common passion. I produced the 2014 WACs in Rimini together with Tim Varney, and it was an amazing, contagious experience…. music, coffee, a beautiful beach, sand between the toes. There was a great sense of community and being part of a subculture. The connector and facilitator is coffee, not only in the sense of the beverage and its quality, but also its rituals, languages, attitudes, lifestyles and journeys.

I’m proud of having been part of Rimini’s WAC, it has become something that has even affected our language in the company, we the phrase the “Rimini vibe” to describe a certain kind of event. An event where people get together and engage with each other. The translation of the word “Specialty” in Italian reveals its Latin origin from the word “species” that defines “a group of persons that share the same characteristics”, this word has then become a synonym of the word “similar” …that means “alike”, yet in a distinct way. This concept leads to openness and inclusiveness, which in my opinion fits ideally with the term “specialty” coffee and what it represents to me… so why the hell shouldn’t we sponsor an AeroPress competition?!”


Estelle Bright copy
Estelle Bright, After Sales Coordinator & former Espresso Ambassador at La Marzocco UK & Ireland

“La Marzocco has had a huge impact in the world of specialty coffee. Not only are we focused on building the best machines with the barista in mind, but also stepping out of the box and supporting all aspects of the industry, sponsoring events, hosting parties the list goes on. Being an all-round approachable company, the passion that we have is shared even if it’s not espresso focused, La Marzocco has always supported the industry for many years and the support is only growing. We are a diverse group of people that are always pushing to keep the community and make it stronger.”


Enrico Wurm, Product Improvement Manager at La Marzocco

“La Marzocco values diversity and it seems only fitting that it would partner with parallel industry leaders, like AeroPress, who embrace different trends and extraction methods while faithfully pioneering coffee excellence. We are proud to support industry ambassadors with creative mindset and open attitude! Both AeroPress and La Marzocco have helped many passionate people become modern day DIY coffee gurus. By looking at the World AeroPress Championship, we see ourselves during the WBC years and relate to that humble, genuine style of the competitions: with coffee enthusiasts breaking rules, looking for fun and long-lasting relationships.”

Stay tuned for Part 2. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on La Marzocco via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.