Stockholm, 2015

What better poster to promote first than this classic from long-time friend of the AeroPress competition, Brian W. Jones?

It’s unlikely that you’ve arrived at this website and don’t already know who he is, but for the scant, uninformed few of you out there Brian W. Jones is a designer, photographer, writer, Project M Advisor, Sandboxer, & social entrepreneur who currently lives and works in Göteborg, Sweden and is one-third of Supersonic Coffee in Berkeley, California.

When we needed a logo, we went to Brian. When we needed a design for our 2016 World Championship cupping bowls, we went to Brian. And in addition to being a contributor to the visual stylings of the event, Brian also co-runs the Swedish AeroPress Championship alongside Anne and Charles at Koppi.

This poster is one of the most popular that’s crossed the portable card table we use as a makeshift World AeroPress Championship desk; it’s bold, evocative and effortlessly cool — everything we aspire to be (and fall so painfully short of). Created to promote the 2015 Swedish AeroPress Championship, this poster is one of an on-going series that Brian has crafted for the event from 2012 through to this year (and onwards into the future, we hope).

Available for you now in two poster sizes, printed to order in Los Angeles, California and shipped direct to your door, anywhere in the world.