Is it a robot holding a lightsaber? Is it a conductor holding a baton? Is it some kind of automated AeroPress machine? Is it a level crossing gate? Or are we missing something here? In any case, it’s exciting to see the Czech AeroPress for 2016 all set to go. Pretty interesting to see Illy and Russell Hobbs as sponsors too, good to see them on board. We’re impressed with the location of the event too, the beautiful Malostanska Beseda Malostaranske in Prague.


Competition: Czech
Hosted By: Coffee Chamber of Czech Republic
Where: Malostanska Beseda Malostaranske nam. 35/21
Prague 1 11000
Czech Republic

When: 9:30am, Saturday 7 May 2016
Competitors: 54
Cost: CZK 500
Entry: www.kavovakomora.cz
Sponsors: Russell Hobbs
ikona coffee
La Boheme Cafe
Judges:  Adela Machova
Michela Paselekova
Honza Spalek
Ondrej Kaftan
Vladimir Sojka
Zdenek Smrcka
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