poster_18x24_wall horizontal_mockup

“Oh, I’m a bit particular.” / “Yeah, I’m quite obsessive.” / “I’m all about the details, you see.”

We’ve all heard it – people congratulating themselves after having straightened a napkin or adjusted a painting hanging slightly crooked. You want to see obsessive? You want to talk details, friend? Next time, rebuke them thoroughly and hit them with this:

  • One promotional poster
  • Tens of thousands of individual lines
  • Painstakingly measured and drawn by hand
  • Over 170 hours (that’s a whole week, no breaks) at the drafting table
  • And the lives of five micron pens claimed in the process

That’s the main show of attention to detail. That’s what counts as obsessive. Adjusting a napkin is merely watching from the sidelines.


When we asked David Salinas of Department of Brewology to whip us up a poster for the World Championship in Seattle, 2015 we had no idea he would lose his mind completely, bunker down for a whole week of drawing time and produce this masterpiece. But we sure are glad he did.

David is an illustrator by trade, though self-identifies as a recovering barista. Eon’s ago David worked extensively as a barista with about 8 years of experience under his belt. We don’t know what kind of barista he was, but we’re confident he’s found his rightful niche in illustration.

And now you can have a print of David’s poster of your own, to proudly display and explain to your friends that, while it’s cute that they like things tidy, real attention to detail is hanging on your wall.