He’s back! Not content to stop at one AeroPress poster in his portfolio, David Salinas has elbowed his way to the front and whipped up another artistic masterpiece for his plunge-adoring public. This offering is in stark contrast to his hand-sketched, locked-in-a-cabin-in-the-woods style World Championship poster of 2015, featuring a silhouetted cityscape and bold block lettering, befitting Chicago’s proud art deco inspired past.

And for some reason a vaguely John Hodgman-esque character overseeing it all.

From the intricacies and obsessive details of his drafting table design, to the bold, headlining art deco style seen here, David’s consummate skill is perhaps matched only by the range that he also commands so well. And he’s a pleasure to work with… I dare say we’ll see more AeroPress artworks coming from this stable!

This time David’s work was to promote the 2016 Midwest Regional AeroPress Championship, held at Everybody’s Coffee in Chicago, USA, which from all reports was a fantastic event.