Hosted By: Barista Guild Asia Sdn Bhd
When: Sunday 6 March 2016
Competitors: 32
Attendees:  400
Winners: 1st – Tan Hock Long / Jack Coffee Workshop
2nd – Tan Zhi Ying / Tongue Mission Roastworks
3rd – Mohamed Helmi bin Ahmad Darki / Sprezzatura Coffee
Sponsors: Coffex Coffee
Artisan Roastery
The Roast Things
Judges:  Ms. Yip Leong Sum
Mr. Kelvin Ngow
Mr. KF Chan
Mr. Chiam Tow Jin
Ms. Trista Chua


“The highlight of the event was the AeroPress. No dancing was conducted.”

With numbers of 400 attendees, the Malaysian AeroPress Championships were a resounding success. With craft beer, an AeroPress demo brew bar and plentiful food, the 10 thousand square feet venue named Whup Whup Cafe was alive with coffee enthusiasts.

According to the hosts, a number of contestants  were brewing using a concentrate then adding water later on to balance the cup. Also, the average temperature of brewing water was rather low at as low as 60c, and many hovering around 80c.