2016 Norwegian AeroPress Championship

666 True Norwegian Aeropress

The Norwegians are a funny bunch aren’t they? Kaffikaze are even funnier. They’re the rascals that created the Mile High AeroPress Club and cause bedlam when they host the Drunk Brewers Cup – heavy drinking is certainly not something we condone here at WAC headquarters. We’ve grown up, a bit.  They’ve once again delivered the Norwegian AeroPress Championship. We’re not sure what the ‘True’ prefix refers to, but we’re going to go with it – something to do with the Devil we’re assuming.

The coffee will be from The Collaborative Coffee Source. It’ll be Ilily, a washed heirloom from Ethiopia. There is a panoply of generous supporters which is great to see, as after all, Oslo is the home of the World AeroPress Championships.


Competition: Norway
Hosted By: Kaffikaze
Where: Hendrix Ibsen Junior at Vulkan Depot Maridalsveien 15
Oslo, Oslo 0178

When: 4pm, Saturday 30 April 2016
Competitors: 18
Cost: NOK 250
Entry: post@kaffikaze.no
Sponsors: Kaffikaze, Vulkan, The Collaborative Coffee Source, Norsk Kaffeinformasjon, Hendrix Ibsen Junior, Digital Etikett, Tim Wendelboe, Langøra Kaffebrenneri, Nord, Lippe, IMS filters, Madisons.no, Adam & Eva Grønlandskvartalene, CopyCat, Barista School, Din Photobooth, Unikat, Rimfrost Clothing, HappyCups, Aerobie, The #MileHighAeropressClub
Judges:  Ingri M. Johnsen / Kaffikaze
Lisa Lawson / Dear Green Coffee Roasters
Talor Browne / Talor & Jørgen
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You Asked (Repeatedly), We Delivered.

AeroPress Posters Are (Finally) For Sale.

In the course of running the World AeroPress Championship we get asked a lot of questions, but for years now one question has cropped up with greater frequency than any other. Every other day it’s… ‘Where can I buy the AeroPress posters online?

2015 WAC Poster LG

And finally, we’re able to answer: ‘Right here at our sister site: CupNotIncluded.com

The premise is pretty simple: the most requested AeroPress Championship posters, published online, printed to order and shipped direct from Los Angeles, California to adoring AeroPress devotees worldwide.

Though we’ve been fielding requests for a way to buy competition posters for years now, but we could never quite settle on a solid enough reason to pursue it, so in the end, we chose two:

1) To help bring the World AeroPress Championship to more producing countries, and 2) To donate 20% of profits to the Gitesi Project.

The posters are printed on museum-grade Epsom lustre paper stock, and come unframed in either 18 by 24 inches (US$21), or 12 x 16 inches (US$17.50) formats. Postage is just $7.95 for the US, $11.95 for Canada and $14.95 for the rest of the world.


We’ve launched with 7 of our favourite designs, and will be adding 2 or 3 more posters per month. If you have specific posters you’d like to see featured, drop us a line at hello@aero.press and we’ll see what we can do.

poster_18x24_wall_mockup (12)

For more information, check out our Questions? page or hit us up at hello@aero.press

Part 1 : Why the hell would La Marzocco sponsor an AeroPress competition?

Guido Bernardinelli presents Shuichi Sasaki the 2014 World AeroPress Championship trophy – that’s Enrico (far right) getting in on the action, topless.

Ever since the 2012 World AeroPress Championship in Portland, La Marzocco have been a key and generous supporter of the WACs. Their undisputed highlight moment was the incredible beach-side, sun-drenched 2014 WACs in Rimini. It was without question the most unique, enjoyable and fun coffee competition ever to have occurred. For some though, La Marzocco sponsoring the World AeroPress Championship is a little perplexing. So we decided to get to the bottom of it by asking the amazing team at La Marzocco the question: Why the hell would La Marzocco sponsor an AeroPress competition?

The La Marzocco team, sorry family, is a panoply of coffee professionals and who better to start with than the amazing person behind the entire event in Rimini, Marta Kokosar.

Marta Kokosar
Marta Kokosar, Alliance Marketing Manager & Director of Academia at La Marzocco

“For me, it’s the three Cs: Coffee, Community and Coolness! My background is in the music business and what surprised me most when I bumped into La Marzocco and first came in touch with the coffee scene, is that I found cool people connected through a common passion. I produced the 2014 WACs in Rimini together with Tim Varney, and it was an amazing, contagious experience…. music, coffee, a beautiful beach, sand between the toes. There was a great sense of community and being part of a subculture. The connector and facilitator is coffee, not only in the sense of the beverage and its quality, but also its rituals, languages, attitudes, lifestyles and journeys.

I’m proud of having been part of Rimini’s WAC, it has become something that has even affected our language in the company, we the phrase the “Rimini vibe” to describe a certain kind of event. An event where people get together and engage with each other. The translation of the word “Specialty” in Italian reveals its Latin origin from the word “species” that defines “a group of persons that share the same characteristics”, this word has then become a synonym of the word “similar” …that means “alike”, yet in a distinct way. This concept leads to openness and inclusiveness, which in my opinion fits ideally with the term “specialty” coffee and what it represents to me… so why the hell shouldn’t we sponsor an AeroPress competition?!”


Estelle Bright copy
Estelle Bright, After Sales Coordinator & former Espresso Ambassador at La Marzocco UK & Ireland

“La Marzocco has had a huge impact in the world of specialty coffee. Not only are we focused on building the best machines with the barista in mind, but also stepping out of the box and supporting all aspects of the industry, sponsoring events, hosting parties the list goes on. Being an all-round approachable company, the passion that we have is shared even if it’s not espresso focused, La Marzocco has always supported the industry for many years and the support is only growing. We are a diverse group of people that are always pushing to keep the community and make it stronger.”


Enrico Wurm, Product Improvement Manager at La Marzocco

“La Marzocco values diversity and it seems only fitting that it would partner with parallel industry leaders, like AeroPress, who embrace different trends and extraction methods while faithfully pioneering coffee excellence. We are proud to support industry ambassadors with creative mindset and open attitude! Both AeroPress and La Marzocco have helped many passionate people become modern day DIY coffee gurus. By looking at the World AeroPress Championship, we see ourselves during the WBC years and relate to that humble, genuine style of the competitions: with coffee enthusiasts breaking rules, looking for fun and long-lasting relationships.”

Stay tuned for Part 2. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on La Marzocco via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

2016 Indonesian AeroPress Championship


“The most entertaining coffee competition is just around the corner…” hosted by ABCD School of Coffee, on Saturday 14th May. An amazing 81 competitors will part of what sounds like a pretty amazing night – will 81 competitors, it’s probably like the event will run late into the night. Here’s hoping they’ve enough free beer.

A “fruit Bomb” from Finca Ziska in Santa Clara, Panama will be the competition coffee, it’s a natural processed Caturra and Catuaí roasted by Origin Coffee Network.

Part of the festivities include free coffee at brew bar, a DJ and free beer. There will also be a couple of side competitions: a photo competition on Instagram, best costume competition and an arm wrestling competition. What fun!


Competition: Indonesia
Hosted By: ABCD School of Coffee
Where: Clique Kitchen & Bar Graha Sapphire
Lt. 1-3, Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong Blok M5 No. 9A, Serpong

Tangerang, Banten 15810

When: 3pm, Saturday 14 May 2016
Competitors: 81
Cost: IDR 500000
Entry: http://www.indonesiaaeropresschampionship.com
Sponsors: CBN Broadband
PT. Sukanda Djaya
Otten Coffee
Pigeonhole Coffee
Judges:  Mira Yudawati
Resianri Triani
Aji Darius
Iwan Triadi
Izman Ramadhan
Agus Tassi
Anto Sumarjo
Vito Adi
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2016 Italian AeroPress Championship


The wonderful Edy Piro has put together the 3rd Italian AeroPress Championship, and has managed to make AeroPress coffee the number 1 coffee drink consumed nationally in Italy. The Italian government are considering banning all espresso machines in light of this revelation.

The competition coffee supplied by Falcon Specialty will be a Nicaraguan micro lot from La Argentina in Dipinto, Nueva Segovia, it’s a naturally processed Caturra and it’ll be roasted by Paolo Scimone (His Majesty The Coffee).

Another incredible poster, hand drawn by, Emanuele Ricci will also be available as a t-shirt! We may labour the point a little, but we’re so impressed by the artist talents of the WAC poster designers and artists.


Competition: Italy
Hosted By: Terrone & Co. + IMS Filtri
Where: Pascucci Cafe’ – Milano Corso Europa 22
Milan, Milan 20122

When: 2:30pm, Sunday 17 April 2016
Competitors: 18
Cost: Free!
Entry: Eventbrite
Sponsors: Coffee sponsors:
Terrone & Co.
Falcon Speciality coffee
HMC (his majesty the coffee)
Ditta artigianale
Espresso & Brewing lab sponsonsors:
Pulycaf (AsaChimici)
DM Italia
La Marzocco
Davide Cobelli (Coffee Training Academy)
Venue and food:
Caffe’ Pascucci
Judges:  Matt Selby / Falcon Speciality
Estelle Bright / Lla Marzocco
Davide Corelli / Coffee Training Academy
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2016 Polish AeroPress Championship


Wow. The 6th Polish Aeropress Championship!

A year ago, 72 coffee enthusiasts showed up to fight for the Polish Championship in the basement of the Warsaw Comedy Club. Justine Urbańska from Wroclaw took out the gold piston. This year, with the help of many partners and, above all, the main sponsor – Freehand Coffee Roasters – the organisers are hoping to exceed the unbelievable number of 100 participants, which will be the new competitor record.

Like Rimini in 2014, the Polish Championship will be held outdoors at Plac Zabaw, a beautiful setting on a river. Amazing. Besides the competition there will be plenty of interesting attractions, including beer. Entries for the competitors will commence on May 1 – details soon. Meanwhile, save the date! Not that you’ll need to, as there are more than enough spaces for competitors.

Do zobaczenia!

Competition: Poland
Hosted By: Forum
Where: Plac Zabaw nad Wisłą Bulwar Grzymały Siedleckiego
Warsaw 00-351

When: 11am, Sunday 29 May 2016
Competitors: 72+
Cost: PLZ 80
Entry: Facebook
Sponsors: Freehand Coffee Roasters
Inne Beczki
Plac Zabaw
Judges:  Judge 1Anne Lunell / Koppi
Charles Nystrand / Koppi
Jeff Verellen / Caffenation
Simon Boone / Caffenation
Cory Andreen / Brewbox
Mikołaj Panasik / Filtry
More information…


2016 Taiwan AeroPress Championship


And so, for a second consecutive year, Taiwan will host their national championship with the committed organisational skills of Jonathan “Sunbear” Chao Ph.D. who has been a tireless supporter of the AeroPress championship for many years. He was also a 2016 Chinese AeroPress Championship judge. He has a Ph.D. in AeroPress Philosophy.

The event will be held at the cafe, Woolloomooloo in Taipei. Woolloomooloo means: ‘too many Os’ in Taiwanese Mandarin. This year the competition coffee will be roasted by none other than Jacky Lai, the 2014 World Coffee Roasting Champion. The coffee has yet to be announced, but we’re certain it’ll taste delicious.


Competition: Taiwan
Hosted By: Sunbear Co., Ltd.
Where: Woolloomooloo Out West (XiMenDing)-WOW No. 2,
Lane 120, Section 2, Wuchang St, Wanhua District,
Taipei City, 108, 
Taipei, Taiwan 10843

When: 2pm, Saturday 7 May 2016
Competitors: 48
Cost: TWD 3000
Entry: aeropresstw@gmail.com
Sponsors: Woolloomooloo
Alpha Coffee
Judges:  Pang-yu Liu / 2014 World Cup Tasters Champion
Vincent Hung / 2013,14 first runner-up of HKBC
Chacham Hsieh /  Sensory Judge of CBC and TBrC.
Chen-Wee Hou/ Sensory Judge of TBC.
Lo-Chun Wang / 2015 Taiwan AeroPress Champion
Jia-Hang Wu / Sensory Judge of CBC
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2016 Belgian AeroPress Championship


The second home of the AeroPress Championships is without question, Belgium – boasting 3 World AeroPress Champions. Once again, Caffenation Specialty Coffee Roasters will be hosting the 5th Belgian Aeropress Championship on the 6th of May.

Because of the growing popularity of the Aeropress Championships in Belgium, Caffenation felt it best to give as many people as possible the chance to compete and become the 2016 Belgian Aeropress Champion. So, for the first time in Belgium they organised two qualifying rounds. On Friday the 22nd of April Caffenation Antwerp hosted around 36 competitors to gain their place in the big final held on the 6th of May. And on Friday the 29th of April they did the same for another 36 people at Watt in Ghent. The six best from each regional will automatically go on to the final round in Caffenation Antwerp on 6th of May.

For every finalist there is a special gift bag with, among other things, a hand grinder and a specially designed T-shirt. On top of that, there are exciting prizes to be won for the top 3 competitors because Caffenation believe that time and dedication to the craft of an Aeropress brew should be duly rewarded. To top it off: the grand prize winner will win a paid flight to Dublin to represent Belgium in a secured spot at the World Aeropress Championships.

The coffee used will be the RWANDA HUYE MOUNTAIN KARAMBI.

We’re really excited to see how thing pan out in Belgium this year!


Competition: Belgian
Hosted By: Caffenation
Where: Caffenation Antwerp Mechelsesteenweg 16
Antwerp, Antwerp 2000 

When: 7pm, Monday 6 May 2016
Competitors: 72
Cost: EUR 15
Entry: www.caffenation.be
Sponsors: 132 cup
Nuts and Bolts
La Marzocco
Judges:  Jaap / Chummy Leiden, The Netherlands
Channa / Loustic, Paris France
José / Kofta, Norwich England
More information…

2016 Lithuanian AeroPress Championship


It’s really ace to have another first timer in Lithuania on board as a national AeroPress championship host. We’re really excited for them.

Taste Map Coffee Roasters will be supplying the competition coffee, and they’ve selected Finca El Virgen and their Colombia Jaime Ariza from Antioquia. One of our favourite publications, Standart are also supporting the event.

The event promises to be a bunch of fun, there are 4 super qualified judges, the space will be open-air with delicious food and coffee – and plenty of “good vibrations”.


Competition: Lithuania
Hosted By: Taste Map Coffee Roasters
Where: Savanoriu pr. 176F
Vilnius 03154

When: 11:30am, Saturday 23 April 2016
Competitors: 30
Cost: EUR 10
Entry: http://www.tastemap.lt/2016-lt-aeropress/
Sponsors: Primulator Lithuania
Kavos Architektai
Standart Magazine
Sweet Root Restaurant
Audio Gourmet
Judges:  Vaiva Maškovaitė
Ondrej Petrus
Ieva Ivonė
Domas Ivonis
More information…