Perhaps in part inspired by the success of the World AeroPress Championships, the Brewers Cup was held as an official championship. There was a certain overlap, and the World AeroPress Championship temporarily ceded ground. The Championship was eventually held in London at a coffee industry trade show booth, and the interest had grown to the point where it became necessary to limit the number of contestants. Of the 24 entrants, Marie Hagemeister of Cafe Europe in Denmark was crowned as victorious.



Competitor Listing

Nation Name Company
Australia Bridget Amor Seven Seeds
Belgium Jeff Verellen Caffenation
Canada Josh Hockin Transcend Coffee
Canada Steve Souphanthong Social Coffee & Tea Company
Czech Republic Jakub Hartl PRO Caffé
Czech Republic Yara Tucek Doubleshot
Denmark Marie Hagemeister Europa 1989
Denmark Jeppe Hasager Behag Din Smag
Denmark Allan Juhl Kontra Coffee
Finland Samuli Ronkanen Smulfhunter
Greece Chris Kavrakos Barista Academy
Ireland Pete McDonagh Third Floor Espresso
Ireland David Walsh The Other Black Stuff
Norway Mette-Marie Hansen Ritual Coffee Roasters
Norway Jannicke Marie Johansen KAFFA
Norway Stian Horne KAFFA
Norway Alexander Scheen Jensen Solberg & Hansen
South Africa Kevin du Plessis The Bean Shop
Sweden Anne Lunell Koppi
UK James Hoffmann Square Mile Coffee Roasters
UK James Phillips Dose Espresso
UK Stephen Leighton Has Bean
USA Ben Kaminsky Ritual Coffee Roasters
USA Nicholas Cho Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters