The second championship took place in Oslo, again. Having caught wind of this strange undertaking, Alan Adler — the inventor of the AeroPress — made a special one-off “bronze”, fully functional brewer as a prize for the winner. For each season since, and now for every single national competition, Aerobie produce a gold, silver and bronze AeroPress as trophies for the top three competitors. Of the 22 competitors Lukasz Jura — a barista from Stockfleths Kaffe — won first place.



Competitor List

Nation Name Company
Norway Anders Valde Home Enthusiast
England James Hoffmann Square Mile Coffee Roasters
Norway Ola Brattås Tim Wendelboe
Norway Michael Kuliani Cortado
USA Ben Kaminsky Ben Kaminsky Enterprises
Norway Lars Huse Java
Norway Rasmus Helgebostad Kaffemisjonen
Norway Håkon Kinn Stockfleths
Norway Alexander Scheen Jensen Solberg & Hansen
Norway Mette-Marie Hansen Kaffa
Norway Morten Wennersgaard Solberg & Hansen
Finland Samuli Ronkanen Home Enthusiast
Poland Lucasz Jura Stockfleths
Norway Magnus Hoem Iversen Kaffemisjonen
Denmark Klaus Thomsen The Coffee Collective
Norway Einar K. Holthe Stockfleths
Norway Thomas Holme Tim Wendelboe
Australia Tim Varney Tim Wendelboe
Norway Stian Horne Mocca
Sweden Anne Lunell Koppi
Norway Andrea Gamst Java
Norway Magnus Lindskog Supreme Roastworks
Norway Joar Christoffersen Supreme Roastworks