Ensuring your national Aeropress competition runs smoothy and successfully now means fulfilling the below guidelines. It is important that you are still able to stamp your own personality on the competition by interpreting the rules as you see fit, however it is equally important that there is a level of uniformity to the national competitions.

New to 2015

A lead time of 6 weeks is required – Venue, dates, times, poster and entrance information is required to be submitted to WAC headquarters to ensure sufficient time is given to willing competitors and that enough exposure if given to the event.

Poster – A poster must be produced which must include the logos of the global sponsors, the official WAC circuit logo and local sponsors. A high definition version must be submitted to WAC headquarters.

Partnering with local distributor – Engagement with the local Aeropress distributor is required, nothing is expected from the relationship apart from allowing the opportunity for the local distributor to be involved – the level of involvement is up to the organiser. The local distributor should looked to as a possible financial supporter of the event.

Fulfilling global sponsor requirements – Depending on your country and the relevance of the global sponsors in your region, certain conditions need to be met. Specifics of this will be released soon. It may include ensuring the grinder sponsors grinder is available or the cup sponsors cup is used throughout the competition.

The winner of the national competition must be flown to the WACs – Funds must be collected to ensure the winner of the national competition is able to travel to the WACs – this year the WACs will be held in Seattle during the SCAA in April, 2015. This is the responsibility of the local organiser.

Reporting & documentation of the event – A thorough report of the event must be completed. This should include a review of the events itself, the top 3 recipes must be submitted, a collection of photography (and video if possible) must be submitted, the names and workplaces of all competitors must be submitted. There will be an online form created to be submitted on completion of the national competition.

Agreement – Signing the agreement form must be completed before the competition organisation begins. This is now in place as multiple local organisers have simultaneously approached WAC headquarters to run the event. To ensure a successful event is carried out – the above conditions need to be agreed to being met.

The above guidelines are in place to ensure a straight-forward and cohesive operation of all national competitions, as well as ensuring the provision of appropriate support to national winners. Our aim is not to be unduly strict, but to encourage and support interested parties to put on a great event. If you feel that your country has exceptional circumstances, please get in touch to discuss the potential for tailored conditions.

The rules are fairly straight forward, judges will evaluate (blind), purely based on taste, the best filter style brew from the Aeropress. We want the competition to be as transparent as possible, with the intention of fine tuning the hugely varied technique used to brew on the Aeropress. reasoning

General Rules –   The required volume of the drink is 2dl, which has to be served in the supplied cupping cup. No added ingredients are allowed
. All competitors will have a 8 minutes comp time, this includes prep time & brew time – the clock will count down from 8 minutes. Failure to serve the drink in that time will mean disqualification. The technique used by the competitor must be in writing and given to the judges – this will not be considered in judging.

Judging – There are 3 judges and a Head Judge. There are no official scoresheets or cupping forms used by the judges. It is however important that the 3 judges used are competent coffee tasters and have a certain level of experience brewing with the Aeropress and are aquatinted with the Aeropress cup profile and style. The judges must also be competent in assessing extraction via taste only.

The competitors must serve the exact same amount of coffee in each of their cups (having a marker in the cups provided is essential) this will ensure equal assessment. Temperature of the drink is not assessed, and the judges will as much time as required to allow the drink to cool for optimal drinking temperature. Stirring and cooling warmer brews is suggested for the judges to equalise the temperatures. The cups provided will have the competitors name written on the bottom of the cup. Once judges have completed their evaluation, the MC or head judge will count to 3, at which point the judges will point to their favoured cup. The most votes wins. If all 3 judges chose different coffees, the head judge will cup the coffees and have final word.

Judges should be looking for clarity of flavour via good extraction and a distinct representation of the coffee used for the competition. As a guide, judges should be assessing aroma, flavour, acidity & sweetness, body, balance and aftertaste.

Coffee – This element changes year on year. Normally, the coffee has been selected by the national hosts or the WAC Headquarters. If the coffee is pre-selected for competition, it is important competitors have access to the coffee for brew development and practise. Having the coffee sponsored by a roaster or the like is recommended. Using a high quality, in season, ideally roasted coffee is essential. The coffee should be in the filter roast style, rather than espresso roast.

Equipment – The supplied equipment must be communicated to the competitors. Competitors are welcome to bring their own grinder
 and water boiler. Any modifications to the actual Aeropress will need to be authorised by the Head Judge and if need be, Alan Adler himself. Any filters, including metal filters, are allowed.

Water – The cleanest water available should be available to the competitors and the water quality and filtration should be announced for competitors knowledge. Competitors are allowed to use any water they wish. Bottled water or water from another location is permitted.

Rounds – Normally, there are 18 competitors. 6 rounds of 3 competitors per round in the preliminary rounds. 1 winner from each round will go through to the semi-finals. There will be 2 semi-finals with 3 competitors in each round. The 2 winners will go head to head in the final round.

For 3rd place, there will be a runner-up round before the final round between the 2 winners of the semi finals. Judges will select the 2nd best coffee from each of the semi finals. This will be done either by the judges have a 2nd round of tasting if they have all selected the 1 winner, otherwise the odd judge out will have automatically selected the 2nd place getter.

After each round, competitors must use the judging time to clear their station ready for the next round of competitors. During which time, the next round of competitors may set up their equipment.


The running list of competitors will be selected at random and will be announced on the day of competition.


Competitors are welcome to enter, using a ’surrogate’ or ’step in’ competitor. It will be their responsibility to find a ‘surrogate’ and to ensure clear brew instructions are provided. 

More specific rules for the 2014 World Aeropress Competition will be announced in time.